Ever wondered why show homes are so popular when selling new builds? Find out how to get your home ready for viewings.

We sat down with Ashely Mehr from Preston Baker to ask how you can speed up the speed and value of an offer when you're selling your house.


It seems simple, but Ashely said that it's amazing how many people forget to do the simple things. Run a vacuum around the entire house, dust tables, TVs, music players and any other ornaments and furniture.

Lights On

Turning your lights on in your home for viewings will improve the mood of the people coming in to look around, even during the day. Opening curtains and letting in natural light goes some way into showing off your properties potential but turning lights and lamps on highlight your property's best features.


Putting mirrors around your home is one way that's almost guaranteed to improve people's perspective of your property. Not only do mirrors bounce the light around your room and mate it look brighter, they also give the illusion of more space; two things most prospective buyers will be looking for.

Bright/Light Colours

Similarly to turning lights on, bright colours create a positive and relaxing environment. Without detracting from your own personal style and tastes too much, incorporate pale colours (like blues and yellows) into your decor and furnishings.

Seasonal Colours

Following on from using bright colours, it's also good to follow seasonal trends and colours. This allows viewers to picture themselves in the home. 

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