Cuffs & Co has recently partnered up with the Yorkshire Dales National Park to help the Red Squirrel Conservation project. Find out how we're doing this.

Today we are launching our new brand mascot, the red squirrel. We have chosen the red squirrel as our brand mascot because its conservation is as important to the British countryside as the survival of British manufacturing is to our country. Cuffs & Co is proud to support British manufacturing by making almost all our products and packaging right here in the UK, and our new red squirrel mascot will be a symbol we will use to highlight this.

The launch of our new mascot comes as we partner with the Yorkshire Dales National Park's Red Squirrel Conservation Project. Over the coming years, we aim to raise funds for the project through the sale of our products and with ongoing in-store and online promotions.

Cuffs & Co red squirrel mascot for British manufacturingWe've adopted the red squirrel as our mascot because it, like British manufacturing, is endangered. 


To get our fundraising on the way we're doing #SquirrelSwap. Yorkshire Dales National Park were generous enough to give us a Red Squirrel badge (worth £2) to get us started. Every Monday for 10 weeks, we'll be swapping up. Whatever we've swapped up to at the end of the 10 weeks, we'll be selling and giving the full amount to Yorkshire Dales National Park to put towards their Red Squirrel Conservation Project.

#SquirrelSwap begins on Monday 19th February on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Every Monday, you can see what we've swapped and offer anything that you can swap by commenting on the post.

To up the stakes, Cuffs & Co will be making the first swap and swapping the red squirrel badge of two pairs of cufflinks. Over the next 10 weeks, please offer anything that you might be able to swap. Our aim is to raise over £1,000.

Do you have anything you can swap for two pairs of cufflinks worth £50? Visit our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to make your offer and help save the red squirrels.

See the latest on #SquirrelSwap on Twitter CLICK HERE!