Categories for Ebor Fashion Lawn include Best Dressed Lady, Best Dressed Gentleman, Best Dressed Couple, Best Hat and Best Dressed Child. Cuffs & Co has the privilege of giving the prize for the Best Dressed Gentleman for the 2017 festival.

The Best Dressed Gentleman will win a VIP experience with Cuffs & Co. They will be invited to our shop on York’s historic Shambles where they will be styled out with a shirt, cufflinks and socks, as well as a hot towel shave and hair cut at our partner barbers. Following this, our photographer will take them around York for a photoshoot with their new look.

How Do I Win Best Dressed Gentleman?

There is no secret formula for what the judges will be looking for, but here are some of the key things that we think set you up with the best chances.

Dress Code

The bare minimum we would expect from an entrant would be that they adhere to the County Stand dress code of jacket, collared shirt and tie. On hot days, dress code can be loosened to exclude a jacket, but for the purposes of Ebor Fashion Lawn, we would recommend bringing one with you.


One of the words regularly used to describe winners of the Ebor Fashion Lawn is ‘coordinated’. Note the use of that word and not ‘matching’. Instead of going for a simple one colour suit, try a pair of light coloured chinos with a contrasting navy or grey blazer.


There will be no shortage of plain white shirts throughout the Welcome to Yorkshire Ebor Festival. Dare to be brave and wear something that stands out a little more. Shirts with a slight pattern (especially ones that coordinate well with your blazer) will go a long way in getting the right attention. If you don’t feel comfortable, or you can’t find a patterned shirt that works, try a blue or pink shirt. That is just subtle enough to stand out without being over powering.


Great example of a bold tie against a conservative shirt

The controversial necktie still has a place on the Ebor Fashion Lawn, so bring your A-game. If you’re wearing a patterned shirt, go for a more subtle tie in a contrasting colour. If your shirt is more conservative, wear a tie with a strong pattern. A well tied Windsor knot (with a subtle dimple at the top) will get the judges talking. Don’t forget your tie clip!


Inky and Gold British made socks from Cuffs & Co

Don’t underestimate the power of footwear in raising the bar in an outfit. Going sock-less in boat shoes can add that slight tint of casualness to a smart outfit. If you’re opting for a more traditional pair of brogues, you can achieve the same result by adding a pair of colourful, patterned socks.


Simple silk knot cufflink from Cuffs & Co

Nothing has the power to amaze the judges like a man who comes well accessorised. Avoid the temptation to overdo it and bring out all the ‘bling’. Accessories should make a statement but be subtle.

A quality, unique pair of cufflinks will be sure to catch the attention of the judges and your fellow racegoers, even if your jacket comes off.

Your tie clip is another great place to show off some personality. There’s a chance for you to show off your uniqueness in a very open, but stylish way.

Swiss made Gallen watch from Cuffs & Co

Another important accessory that is often overlooked is the watch. An elegant watch can be the perfect thing that pulls your entire outfit together. Watches are practical, stylish and speak volumes about you.


Keep your beard looking tamed

Best Dressed isn’t all about the items of clothing you wear, but also about how you present yourself. It would be too obvious to tell you that you should make sure your hair is styled and beard kept neat in the morning. But as the day goes on, especially in warmer weather, make sure you keep on top of it.

Pocket sized beard comb from Cuffs & Co

If you’ve got a beard, take in a little tin of beard wax and a pocket sized beard comb to keep it tamed, whatever the weather.


So what now? Make sure you’ve got your ticket for the Ebor Festival for either the County Stand or Grandstand and Paddock and register on the day from 11am at the gates.

You can find some of the items we’ve talked about by visiting our shop, Cuffs & Co on Shambles or visit

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