This year, we're proud to be part of Visit York's Living Advent Calendar. Every day in December, a different York business will unveil their own window display. Our window display was unveiled on 2nd December and will be up until January 16th. For those who have visited our Christmas window display, you'll learn about the creation and story behind the display. If you haven't had a chance to visit it yet, we would love for you to come along. Feel free to share any pictures you've taken on social media and tag @Cuffsandco.

A Winter 'Wooderland'

Part of Cuffs & Co's mission is to celebrate the best of British. Our window display is designed to be a classic British woodland scene. Within the display, you'll find a dormouse, hedgehog, rabbit, fox and a robin. You could expect to see any of these animals in a traditional British countryside.

The display is made from completely recycled wood and cardboard and the base is made from fallen leaves. Our designer behind the window display wanted everything to be unique, an ethos we share. His attention to detail is another shared pleasure. If you look at our display carefully, you'll see some of the details such as 'Home Tweet Home'  and 'To Let. Gone for the winter' on the birdhouse. Or the 'L' plates and 'Fast Delivery' on the wheelbarrow.

Our passion for quality design, ethical manufacturing and attention to detail are what led us to not only create this Christmas display but to create the products that each of you buys from us. 

The Red Squirrel

Another animal that'll you'll find in our Christmas display is the red squirrel. We didn't name it with the animals above because sadly, it's no longer an animal you're likely to see in our countryside and woodlands. The squirrel, like British manufacturing, has become almost extinct. As a brand, we've made a pledge to use British manufacturing for as many as our products and as much of our packaging as possible. That's why we've chosen the red squirrel as our new range's icon.

Our new Red Squirrel range will launch in early 2018, starting with a limited range of British designed and manufactured polo shirts. Our polo shirts will be similar in price to other brands who manufacture their products in the Far East, but add a premium on their products for their brand. Following the release of our polo shirts, we plan to replace all of our current shirts with British manufactured shirts as well.

Having shirts and polo shirts manufactured in the UK is not an easy task, and will take months of planning, designing and negotiation with suppliers. But we can't wait to bring you the exciting new Red Squirrel range. Buying from us will mean supporting British manufacturers and will guarantee quality products at affordable prices.

Come and visit our shop on the Shambles in York and see the Christmas Winter Wooderland for yourself. It will be up until 5th January. You can also vote for us to win Visit York's #YorkAdvent competition, where we can win £1,000 to give to a charity of our choice.