About Us

Cufflinks are one of the fun ways that men can express themselves, sadly most of the cufflinks available were made in sweatshops in the Far East.  A British invention that had lost its way, and affordable cufflinks were no longer really made here, Cuffs & Co had a desire to change that…that was over 15 years ago.  Today all our metal cufflinks are made right here in Great Britain.  

We’re still an upstart in the cufflink world, and most (if not all) of the cufflinks you will find on the High Street are made in countries, by people that have no knowledge what the end product is even used for!  

The brand has grown to include other fabulous British made products, including collar stiffeners and armbands.  Not forgetting of course, our now spun off brand SOCK CLUB.  We also make shirts, and while not (yet!) British made, they are designed here, and the companies we work with to make our great products are responsible manufacturers who care for their workforce, which is the only way you will get products made with real care!

Whether you are looking for the ultra-conservative, attention-grabbing or unique and unusual designs, you will find the perfect cufflinks for every style, occasion and taste, online at Cuffs & Co.  

In 2017, Cuffs & Co were awarded the Small Business of the Year Award by York Press. 

Our MISSION Statement

We provide quality and where possible British Made products, for a diverse range of customers, proving quality does not need to be expensive.

The Company VISION

We will create a brand that is recognised in the gentleman’s outfitters marketplace, by designing and developing the very best quality products. 


Quality - We do everything we do well
Passion – Committed to the products we create. Fairness – At the heart of everything we do
Innovative Tradition - Continually improving, but not needlessly reinventing
Fairness - At the heart of everything we do
Creativity - Inspiring people and creating desirable products

Cuffs & Co is a registered trademark of John Pinder Limited, which is registered in England as a Company.  Company Registration No. 6610243.
Registered office: 10 Shambles, York, YO1 7LZ UNITED KINGDOM.  VAT No. GB 934 0941 27.